2018 XMAS BLEND - Espresso

WOR29.11.18 XMASB (7 of 1).jpg
WOR29.11.18 XMASB (7 of 1).jpg

2018 XMAS BLEND - Espresso

from 20.00

*First production roast shipping Tuesday December 4*

Milk Chocolate, tropical fruits, strawberry cream & gingerbread 

We took the opportunity to put together something special for the holidays. A trio of coffees that have wowed us as single origins, combined into a delicious, complex and somewhat decadent espresso blend.

40% Peru Cajamarca, 30% El Salvador Himalaya and 30%, Brazil Lacerda. Great as a black espresso or with milk, this coffee is a real treat. 

A limited edition blend you probably won't see again, this is a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys a delicious cup of coffee. Even if it’s a little gift to yourself.

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