Timor Leste, Haupu Village - Espresso

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Screenshot 2019-06-11 12.32.39.png

Timor Leste, Haupu Village - Espresso

from 18.00

A full and juicy cup of dark stone fruit, milk chocolate and brown sugar sweetness with red apple, soft citrus and light tannins.

Origin: Timor Leste aka East Timor

Altitude: 1 350-1500 masl

Varietal: Typica & Hibrido de Timor

This coffee is the result of our green coffee partners MTC developing supply lines in the coffee lands of Ermera. Where they have been working with underprivileged local small-holders and providing much needed market access, infrastructure, and technical support. Today these farmer groups are producing genuine specialty coffees with improved access to international specialty markets. According to MTC, the ongoing goal is: a fantastic cup and improved farmer livelihoods.

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