Tanzania - Mwika - Filter Roast

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Tanzania - Mwika - Filter Roast

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Dark toffee, praline and sugary citrus fruit.

Proceeds from this coffee are going towards the 'Mwika Mill Project'. Coffee farmers in the region are under pressure to seek out alternative cash-crops, in light of the low global green coffee prices. This initiative aims to make the co-ops dormant coffee pulping machine fully functional, substantially lessening the workload and increasing quality. The farmers of Mwika believe that this new infrastructure will help to make coffee a more viable and sustainable income for the farmers and their families.

Country: Tanzania

Region: Moshi Rural District of Mt Kilimanjaro

Co-op: Mwika Coffee Cooperative 

Farms: Approx. 950 Small-holder Farmers

Altitude: 1200-1400MASL

Varietals: Bourbon and Nyasa.

Exporter: Taylor Winch Tanzania

Importer: First Crop Coffee

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