Indonesia, Gunung Tujuh - Espresso

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Indonesia, Gunung Tujuh - Espresso

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Lime, molasses & black cherry

Origin: Indonesia

Region: Sumatra, Jambi Province

Process: Wet Hulled Honey

Altitude: 1400-1500 masl

Crop Year: 2019

Varietal: Sigarar Utang

The coffees of Sumatra are typically associated with two main growing areas: one surrounding Lake Tawar (Gayo) in Aceh Province and the other near Lake Toba (Batak) in North Sumatra Province. They share a processing style that has come to define most Indonesian coffees - ‘giling basah’ or wet-hulling - the removal of parchment while still wet and exposed drying of green coffee which results in the distinct cup character. This coffee is a different kind of Sumatra in nearly every regard.

Grown in the Kerinci valley of Jambi Province, near the border with West Sumatra, Gunung Tujuh is a honey processed lot from a newly formed cooperative. The Kerinci Volcano dominates the landscape; its 3800 meter peak is the tallest in Sumatra. The fertile valley beneath is home to massive tea plantations and vegetable gardens and more recently, coffee plantations. Our cooperative partners operate five small washing stations, three solar driers, and have a small lab for cupping.

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