lots happening this month! The Slayer has landed and it changes all the rules again.

Justin from Coffee Supreme was our man, he delivered the machine with the mods we had hoped for, installed it and gave us a rundown of all it's bits and pieces.

We don't know how to change the O rings because we have the newest version of the machine( so word on the street is we won't have to change them every other day), but i gotta say, i'm a little nervous about not knowing how.It seems the first thing anyone who has one has learnt to do. The good thing is we don't have it running in a shop yet so if anything goes down at this stage we won't be up the proverbial creek...

As expected it is a very sexy machine and it pulls a hell of an espresso. We've been working on a blend we call Bathysphere for a few weeks now and it's tasting very good. Therefore we decided to try it on the new machine; the thing I can say with confidence is
The Slayer needs a lot of playing around with to know how to get the best out of it, otherwise the coffee tastes great.