Amazing old coffee machines

This week I was 'dragged along' to the Espresso Machine Classics Exhibition at the Italian Historical Society in Carlton. Some sweet looking machines and designs that are in no way anything like what is on the market now. We really let go of aesthetic for the function and never went back. The exhibition itself is 'ok' but for anyone who appreciates beautifully designed machines I highly recommend getting along to it before it's gone. (although the website states it's over i dont know if it is quite over yet!). The designs are very much reminiscent of old cadillacs and deco style buildings..very sexy!

Not a great example of what i was talking about, this one is not so car like and more space like...the 'sputnik' as it was apparently nicknamed, was built in the late 50s in Australia by Golden Fleece Petroleum Company to be used in a chain of service station roadhouses.