The Slayer Went Bye Bye

Ok so just in case someone checks out this site before coming in and expects the Slayer on our is gone. It has found a loving home at 'Padre' (where the rest of its siblings live). We are are back to the humble Synesso Cyncra. The reason for our decision was a practical one; the Slayer has so many possible variables and it allows for the user to be able to change every single aspect of the espresso and create magical coffees, however it does not have a way for the user to then take out the variables and keep a constant.

It is being constantly developed and updated, which means it is improving all the time and becoming a better and better machine but, the simple fact is, it is still being developed in the hands of the consumer and we simply didn't have the time and capability to be part of that development..

The fact that we are now roasting coffee (and relatively new to it) means that we need to keep our variables as low as possible to be able to develop our coffee on a daily basis. Therefore we had to go back to what we know best and that is the Synesso..