our blend 'Bathysphere'

We have been working for months now trying to improve the 'Bathysphere'blend.It's been a struggle especially seeing as it has been difficult to get two of the beans that we use for it. The Costa Rican one we used is now finished and the Kenyans in general have been a nightmare to source. We tried to replace the Kenyan with something else but all attempts brought results that we were not happy with. We have decided that no matter what we have to keep sourcing Kenyan beans as they are an integral part of our recipe.  It's a blend that comes up very nice in a milk based coffee, with notes of chocolate and caramel and a sweet finish. Of course this is always going to be something we strive to improve from roast to roast but for the time being we are extremely content. We have had Josh Bailey from Bailey coffee working with us to help improve our roasting method and we are loving the process and the results..nice one Josh!



Why are we doing what we do

I have been thinking about why people keep blogs and what they have to offer, and therefore I guess find a purpose for our blog(beside it being merely a tool for self promotion). What I have realised is that we have jumped into the roasting side of the coffee world somewhat green and inexperienced and have had to learn the ropes by asking people around us to help and guide us. Everyone out there has been very generous with their knowledge and for that we are thankful. However, what I have decided (for the time being) is that if I were to do it again, I would want to see someones journey from the start as to how they got to where they are and to be able to use that info as a springboard into the land of roasting.Therefore I will endeavour from this point on to document our experiences and hope that not only will it be a good point of reference for us in the future but that it may someday benefit one newcomer.


I have added a few links to coffee people and places we keep in touch and up to date with and I will add more with time.