visit to green cauldron coffee

On the weekend we went away for a few days to the northern NSW area, Lennox Head to be exact. Among surfing, swimmming and general relaxing we got to visit the Green Cauldron farm (in Federal,NSW) and we got to have a bit of a look around the place. We saw the coffee plants close up as well as the processing rooms and the packaging/storage area. Not a bad little trip. I got to taste the coffee cherry fresh off the branch and as I suspected, it was pretty tasty...the others would disagree on this one. Some may say it tastes like A/C. Anyway, it gets reused as fertiliser or (potentially) fed to the cows next door for some interesting beef to come in the future years..We got given some coffee to take away with us which was roasted...wait for 2008. Aged coffee, who would a thunk it. We obviously had no access to an esspresso machine there in the holiday house but we did try some other things. Very sweet fragrance in the whole bean and as ground coffee even nicer. In the cup it didn't rate so much, neither as a plunger nor a vac pot coffee. However, as a swiss gold cup o'coffee it was pretty interesting. The sweet fruityness managed to come through again with a pretty smooth finish. Next will be the Synesso version, should be interesting. Hope it doesn't get too old..