We are well on our way now. the roaster should be fired up in a few days.
I was lucky enough to attend a seminar last weekend with Susie Spindler and Erwin Mierisch from Cup of Excellence http://www.cupofexcellence.org/. Not only did I get to really understand the selection criteria/methods for a CoE coffee, but we also got to try some great coffees. As well as that we had a chance to actually cup, using the standard CoE cupping forms and get an understanding of, just how tough a job the jury has when selecting the winners.
So a big thank you to Mark and all the crew at Seven Seeds for all their hard work organising the event and their tireless efforts during the sessions.
After all that amazing coffee, it's now time to get some low grade beans to burn and to season the roaster with. mmmm..who wants to cup some of that?